Beautiful girl
Tiah very studious...or is that a squirrel!
Run for the wind little girl...
In Ireland after winning 4 Green Stars
Enjoying the Sand in more ways than one!
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Tiah was my first Eurasier and after a very short time with her I was a converted Eurasier fan. She is a wonderful girl, very obedient, easy to train and eager to learn. She loves nothing better than to run around the fields with her doggie friends or to cuddle up with her best friend KeeKee. She is a very loyal member of our family and is loved by us all, especially by our three children. Our two Mainecoon cats have also accepted her as long as she doesn't challenge the hierarchy - they are the top dogs in our home! With her calm demeanour she is happy to allow the children to dress her up or equally to run her around trying out their obedience training skills.
She is a joy in the show ring and loves the attention