Not so sure about this taste!
Little puppy KeeKee enjoying the sunshine
Getting ready for the show ring!
KeeKee on holiday
KeeKee's parents: Sire Ulk (IMP FRA) owned by Asimov Eurasiers, Dam Tinu'viel of Albion De Niou Tchovang (IMP FRA) owned by Albionspitz Eurasiers
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KeeKee is our little baby with the sweetest nature and is very giving. She is always at our sides waiting for a cuddle which she adores. She is easy to train as she really wants to please. Like Tiah, she loves to run around fields and woods and follows Tiah (the Boss!) closely, chasing the occasional squirrel!

KeeKee once actually caught a small animal, she didn't hurt it she just held it gently in her mouth and carefully placed it on the ground when I kindly asked her to leave it! What an angel!

Everyone who has met KeeKee loves her as she is incredibly playful and is an eternal puppy. She is such a Teddy Bear!