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I live with my family of three children in Hertfordshire.

In 2007 I decided it was time to get another dog after our old dog passed away two years previously. I researched many breeds to find the perfect one for our family (three children and two cats). As I am a particularly fussy person I knew this would be a difficult search as only the best breed would suit us. The criteria for me was very high, for example, the breed needed to be; exceptional with all children, good with cats, not aggressive what so ever, easy to train, minimal moulting, non vocal, intelligent, and many more. As you can see I had a very long search on my hands.
After months of researching online I found a couple of breeds that seemed to fit some of the criteria.

I decided to go to 'Discover Dogs' in Earls Court so I could speak to the various breeders to find more about their dogs. I didn't get far before I saw this stunning breed which I had never heard of, the 'Eurasier'. I was drawn to the Eurasier stand and spent literally hours talking to the breeders. I really couldn't believe that all my criteria had been met. I finally found the breed for me. To be absolutely sure, I did still look at other breeds but I felt after seeing the Eurasiers there was no turning back.

I immediately put my name on the waiting list for my first Eurasier and brought her home soon after. This was Tiah who is a fantastic dog and a perfect family member. She excelled in her Kennel Club training and in her Ringcraft classes. Within a very short space of time, low and behold, our second Eurasier joined our family. She is called KeeKee and again is a wonderful special girl.

I became a member of Eurasier Society UK who strongly advocate the continued health of this wonderful breed. This club is friendly group of Eurasier Lovers and meet regularly on dog walks which is an amazing sight watching a large number of Eurasiers running around having a great time.

I started showing my girls when they were 6 months old, which was a new experience for me but needless to say the showing bug began. They have done extremely well so far in the show ring in the UK and Ireland and I endeavour to take them over to Europe soon.

I decided, as I loved this breed so much, that I wanted to breed my girls with the help and support of my club.

This dream has turned into reality. My girls have truly amazing temperaments, they have reached maturity to breed and they both have good results from all the necessary tests to ensure they are fit and healthy. So there is a very exciting time ahead...watch this space.

Tiah had her first litter in 2010 of 4 wonderful puppies which are all thriving and being enjoyed by their new owners.

In February our wonderful Stud Boy Sidney joined our family. He has an enormous personality and is full of life, fun, and energy and endeavours to entertain us all regularly...equally he is the softest natured teddy bear who is happy curled at my feet or preferably on my lap (if he is allowed) and enjoys nothing more that a big bear hug :)

Keyla is our home bred girl who's mum is Tiah and dad is a stunning boy called Eyco-Jacomo who lives in South Germany and owned by a lovely couple. I chose this wonderful Stud dog, not only because he is an overall fantastic Eurasier but he has sired years of healthy puppies which is paramount to me as a breeder as well as our club who have a very strict code of ethics.